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Arrrrgggghhh! Who is she?

2011-03-15 12:47:38 by FateNGS

Arrrrgggh! This woman keeps changing on me..

Hey guys, check out my latest venture into photoshop! - From a stock image i have created the following:

- Zombie
- Robot (Its bad!)
- Pink Lady
- Beaten Woman

Hope you enjoy - Here is the beaten woman, check out my "Latest Art" section for all of them!

Arrrrgggghhh! Who is she?

Beautiful Desire

2011-03-13 11:44:47 by FateNGS

Come check out my latest peice of photoshop work, inspired from a tutorial i found.. I will be creating many more of these, stay tuned!

Beautiful Desire

Beautiful Desire

Uhum.. Voice Work

2010-11-18 20:57:36 by FateNGS

Heeeey Guys.. So im back, Brand new equipment
(Samsung R730 Laptop, TurtleBeach X11 Headset, Sony Acid Pro 7)

And im ready to voice act again. For a sample of my work see.. "Blerque"

For a really bad 5 Minute Demo of my voice see.. "Green Mile Fight Demo"

A better demo is in that making, this was just flung together for a possible client to show my voice range.

PM me or email me at

Dont worry - Be happy!

2009-06-25 14:01:16 by FateNGS

Hey Guyz, i thought NG needed abit of cheering up, so i made a little something to do so.

I posted it on the NG Art Portal but for some reason i couldn't find it :(

Dont worry - Be happy!

The Best of NG 2009

2009-06-12 17:37:22 by FateNGS

Ok, so my submission didnt work for some reason, so ive uploaded to my site, Please take a look and tell me what you think!


The Best of NG 2009

Dont Fall, Fly!

2009-05-28 12:38:26 by FateNGS

Wahey, Heya Newgrounds!

I have been workin on a new game with my friends "Olii" and "Wasup12" for quite some time now, and i am pleased to announce thats its VERY NEARLY finished. I just need to finish of some minor artwork/design and Olii and Wasup12 need to code a few bits!

Tha game will be called "Dont Fall, Fly", its a game based on well....flying and upgrading, but alot more interesting than it sounds.

I suppose its the same idea as a frontpage game here on newgrounds, but i can assure you, we havent stole anything from it.

Thanks for reading guys, ill keep you updated as an when you lovely people need it!

Tyler Osborne


2009-05-18 13:44:02 by FateNGS

Wow, so Blerque is finished, and i have to say, im amazed. I nearly wasnt part of this amazing movie, if it wasnt for my addiction to NG, i wouldnt have been part of it!

Infact i would almost definitely be watching a movie with my parents instead of looking on the BBS, so....


But most of all, thankyou to "The Nose" for giving me the opportunity to be part of it in the first place!


I Got Fans

2009-04-20 20:40:31 by FateNGS

This is a message to all those NG members that have favourited my first flash submission!

NG Time Capsule!
I have to admit it is abit on the rubish side, but it was my first!

So Thankyou To All My Fans Out There, FateNGS!

I Got Fans

So hey guys, ive been floating around NG for some time now and thought...GOD DAMMIT LET DO SOMETHING!

So here i am, Doing something!

I am offering my voice to anyone that needs it, simply PM me and we can discuss the job in hand!

- FateNGS